What do we do in this Region? 


  • are involved in the local church;
  • go around the country talking in the churches and raising money for our missions in need;
  • work in caring professions;
  • Join organisations who are already working in the hospitals to support the patients;
  • take Holy Communion to the sick in the hospitals and to the sick of the parish.
  • work as carer in the homes of the sick around the area.
  • help to feed those who are hungry and comfort those who are lonely
  • work with another congregation who helps migrants and refugees
  • care for our own sisters who are living with us, learning English and going to another country as a missionary or has to attend a course with English as a medium;
  • are open to receive young and not so young ladies who would like to try their vocation with us.
  • make a point of befriending those of other faiths so that we build bridges of peace and love.
  • join other Christian denominations in services and friendship.
  • are interested and care for the youth.
  • reach out to families and invite them to Prayer Days through our Holy Spirit Missionary Association;
  • take justice, peace and the integrity of creation seriously and organise groups to discuss and act for the good of humanity.
  • reach out and engage with people through different media means which was at the very heart of our founder.
  • remain open to new ministries in our multi-ethnic, multi-faith society in which we live.
  • value the prayers and sufferings of our sick sisters who have given so much in their lives.