Happy New Year

A Blessing For The New Year 2019

Lord, as now we face the next New Year,

Let it be a time of grace.

For family and friends

A Year of Blessings that increase;

A year of favour and your peace for all the human race.

For a new start I pray;

Let it begin this very day;

A time of healing for our woes,

A time of mercies when pardon flows

For those who go astray.

A time of goodness for those held dear,

A time of pardon for those we fear.

Lord, let this be a blessed year. Amen


Preparation for each Sunday by AFRAM

Please try to see the webpage – it is prepared by our SVD confreres from AFRAM and it has for each Sunday a short biblical insight into the readings (in a popular form) and a listening of its message for life.  There are also some suggestions for action.  It has an opening and closing prayer.


Sister Gini George and Sister Ewa Pliszczak

Sister Gini George is on home leave at present and then she will go to Rome to join the Communications Team in the Congregation.

Sister Ewa Pliszczak left Bristol on 3rd December to go to a new mission.  She will join those who are part of the new mission to Greece in Athens.

(As you can see these sisters are creative, not fair-weather missionaries and work hard wherever they are.)

We wish both of them God’s bless and protection.