Holy Spirit Missionary Association

Holy Spirit Missionary Association of the Servants of the Holy Spirit Missionary Congregation


Luzie was born in 1901 in Fishchbach by Saarbuecken, the youngest of 13 children and died as Mrs Luzie Jung on 14 June 2004 at the age of 103.

From 1917-19 she was employed at the Mayor’s Office in Dudweiler. Afterwards, her sister who was a teacher for children with special needs, took Lucie with her to Niederhall in the Eifel and later to Dusseldorf.  In 1928 she began to work at the Telecommunications Centre in Dusseldorf.  She improved her English in London.  Later she was put in charge of the department.

Invited by Sr Celine, one of the sisters, she and her sister took part in a retreat in our Mother House in Steyl, Netherlands.  Here the desire for a Third Order with its special aim of devotion to the Holy Spirit showed itself.  She prayed the Veni Creator daily.  Devotion to the Holy Spirit was her heart’s desire.  The HSMA was started with seven people in Pentecost week 1957 in Steyl.  Lucie Jung was one of them.

In a Solemn Mass, followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, she expressed her gratitude for the foundation of the Association to which she always remained faithful.  Mrs Luzie Jung allowed herself to be directed by the Holy Spirit all her life and she generously supported the work of the Steyl Foundation.

In England the association began like this:

When a congregational leadership team letter came around in  mid 1930s asking for volunteers to work with the HSMA Sr Marilda Danes responded.  At that time we were in Caverswall.  She continued the job for almost 60 years.  She would have a monthly prayer service and refreshments.  This was also a time to discuss and share personal matters, spiritual matters, etc.  Sr Marilda sent twice a year, at Christmas and Pentecost, newsletters to about 250 members.  There were non Catholics in it too.  She had a large number of people to whom she corresponded regularly.

Sr Clare Kumpf started the HSMA in Ireland in 1981 having retreat days in our convent in Maynooth and going around the country visiting the members and having bible sharing with them once a month.  When Sr Clare went to Steyl in 2005 Sr Carmen Lee took over from Sr Clare.  There is a Prayer Day twice a year Advent and Lent and Sr Carmen corresponds with the members during the year.  There is a pilgrimage which includes English and Irish members.

Sr Adelina Tao-ing had a group in Farnham, Surrey when we lived there.  We are still in touch with Farnham and some of the parishioners come with us on pilgrimage.

In Wroughton Deacon Lawrence Moss continued with the prayer services after we left Wroughton and after his untimely death we are still in touch with his wife Ann and the members who gather there.

The HSMA did not become a Third Order in this part of the world but we are always looking for ways to help spread devotion to the Holy Spirit.  We often find that our members are spreading this devotion in all their walks of life and for this we are very grateful.