Holy Saturday

Could it be, I wondered, that instead of preparing to leave the tomb and the earth behind him,and returning to heaven, his work completed, Jesus was still accomplishing his most precarious mission?

We are free to speculate on the prediction of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel about spending three days in the heart of the world so as to inhabit it intensely, and drive it forward from within.

Maybe Jesus did not step out of the tomb and head for heaven. Maybe he went deeper into the broken reality of life, where death itself is so powerful, so as to redeem it from within.

Having once become human in the body of his mother Mary, he now actually becomes the whole world in a more comprehensive way than he ever could when he walked its roads and climbed its hills. Daniel O’Leary.

…And could it be, I wonder, that our loved ones who have gone on ahead of us are also driving us forward into the loving arms of God from within in a way they couldn’t have done while on earth. Editor

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