Palm Sunday

This is an excerpt from Bible Alive for the Feast of Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion Mark 14:1-15:47

“It is a common mistake to listen to or read today’s account of Jesus’ Passion and imagine that he was somehow the victim of his circumstances, powerless and vulnerable to chance and the caprice and whim of violent men. This is a wrong way to read or hear the Passion. Jesus’ violent death was not the result of chance, nor was he subject to a set of circumstances which overwhelmed him. The best way to understand Jesus’ Passion is by considering the words of Peter on the Feast of Pentecost: ‘this Jesus was delivered up according to the definite plan and foreknowledge of God.’ (Acts 2:23).

Jesus’ death and resurrection are the fulfilment of Isaiah’s Suffering Servant prophecies. He is the Lamb who was silent before his shearers; he did not resist but was crushed for our iniquities, pierced for our transgressions and the punishment that brought us peace was on him. He who had no sin became sin.”

You could look at Judas who betrayed Jesus, Peter who denied Jesus, all the apostles who ran away when he needed them. After 3 years of being with Jesus this is how they let him down. You could look at your life and say I had every opportunity to be a good Christian and look at how I messed it up.

We are not called to look at ourselves and how we have responded but to look at Jesus and see how much he loved us that he gave even his life that we might live and live to the full. Let us together you and I, turn our eyes upon Jesus and let his look heal us.

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