First Sunday of Lent

Motion radius blur about people joined the outdoor concert at the night.

Just as Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness – so are we.

Jesus was tempted and tested for forty days – so too are we.

Lent is our time in the desert, our wilderness.

we too can expect to be tempted, tested and enter into spiritual conflict, an interior battle.

No servant is greater than his or her master. Just as Jesus was temped and tested – so too are we.

Jesus emerged from the desert with a message, which was, if you like, the fruit of his tempting and testing.

His message was this: “the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel”.

We too are in this world, in this time and in this place, not for nothing but to ponder and reflect on our message which will be the fruit of our tempting and testing.

In this world we will not know the good we do. It is not God’s way. It never was.

My mother suffered a lot and did not complain. I suspect she was offering it up for she constantly prayed for people in her time and space. While she could. While she was on earth. I have to admit I said to God that I want to offer up my suffering. I added very quickly. I just want to make one thing clear. I am not asking for more.

Fasting from gossip is much better than fasting from food. Fasting from food is I believe a decision and is do-able.

Fasting from gossip – oh how hard it is for me. Only God can help me fast from gossiping.

May God bless your Lent, your interpretation of what you consider right for you to fast from. God help you in your tempting and testing this Lent. You are also in my time and space.

The first part of this was from Bible Alive for the 18th February First Sunday of Lent

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