Our compassion to others is our recompense to God for our sins. There is nothing really new about my sins each time I go to confession. I believe that God forgave me but why do these faults still come up again and again. The answer is in this question, ‘Should you not have had pity on your fellow servants, as I had pity on you?’

If the servant who has been forgiven by his master also did the same thing to his fellow human being, the judgement would not come back against him. It would have been finished that time. Because of his arrogance, his master reminded him once more and made calculations with it even more than before.

We tend to judge others.

We feel pain and sadness because of unfair treatment from others but then our neighbour feels the same. How could we have such an unfair desire towards others if we do not expect it for ourselves?

God’s loves is unconditional. Our sins will weaken if we pay less attention to the faults of others because our hearts will be filled with grace and kindness. Our job is only to remind each other that there is only one judge – it is God.

There is written in the 1891 Constitutions: The Holy Spirit seeks generous hearts in which to establish the kingdom of his love in a special manner. The Holy Spirit is the God of love, so let the sisters aim to be distinguished as daughters of Eternal love in their relation to God as well as to their neighbour and all that is especially dear to God.

Our relationship with God remains good if we are also generous in forgiveness. It is like we play the same tune with God, thus producing an harmonious musical performance. After all what we need is only to be compassionate to make recompense to God and stay in his mercy.

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