Walking on water

Do you believe Jesus walked on water? It’s a fair question which deserves a fair answer. The Church encourages us to question, scrutinize and interrogate and we’ve nothing to fear from the truth.

However, we must also be aware that the Gospel writers weren’t writing fiction or perpetrating a kind of propaganda – they were recording real events.

The Apostles were the first hand witnesses who handed down to us a reliable account of what happened in Jesus’ life. We can stake our lives on the fact that Jesus walked on water, thus revealing himself to be the Lord of sea and earth, the Master and Creator of the natural world.

The reason he could walk on water and command the storm to cease is because he created them.

(Taken from Bible Alive for the 13th August)

We can stake our lives on the fact that God created you and me and if we put our lives in his hands he can do so much more with us.

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