The Sower

The parable of the Sower teaches us that the Word of God, like seed sown in a ploughed field by a farmer, needs to take root in our hearts and minds. It is God who provides water and sunshine to make it grow. We for our part, need to make sure that the soil of our lives is prepared to receive it. It needs to be tilled, and the stones and weeds must be removed. Without this essential preparation the seed won’t be able to flourish: the roots that it produces won’t be able to go down deep into our lives and the young seedling will be strangled and choked, and eventually uprooted.

This week our liturgist chose a hymn for our liturgy in the chapel. It was Monica Brown’s tape and the song went like this: Fashioned and formed as earthen vessels, Fragile and easily broken, Yet holding a treasure, a wealth untold, As earthen vessels we are, as earthen vessels we are. I was humming this and thinking of the words all week. We all need each other to remind ourselves of our deeper nature. We all have relations and friends who seems not in the slightest to think of a deeper life. We all want all our relations and friends to enter the kingdom of God. The prompting of the Holy Spirit to reach people can come from anywhere, a film, a TV programme, a newspaper article, something in the news, even something on an advertisement. God is our creator. He is the best at creating the way into a person’s depth by a way that would really surprise us but is the most natural way for God and that person. We have to learn to trust in God. He knows the ways he can use to touch each of his creatures. After all he made us and knows us intimately .

Jesus, teach me how to trust you more in my life.

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