2 Kings 4:8-11, 14-16

One day as Elisha was on his way to Shunem, a woman of rank who lived there pressed him to stay and eat there. After this he always broke his journey for a meal when he passed that way. She said to her husband, ‘Look, I am sure the man who is constantly passing our way must be a holy man of God,. Let us build him a small room on the roof, and put him a bed in it, and a table and chair and lamp; whenever he comes to us he can rest there’.

One day when he came, he retired to the upper room and lay down. ‘What can be done for her?’ he asked. Gehazi his servant answered, ‘Well, she has no son and her husband is old’. Elish said, ‘Call her’. The servant called her and she stood at the door. ‘This time next year’, Elisha said ‘you will hold a son in your arms’.

(This lady was so happy to prepare this room with her husband for the Holy Man of God. We are often so happy to do some small thing to make someone happy. It seems so small but Hospitality is grace that is a gift given to us by God. We all receive something in return. It can be the joy of giving which fills our hearts, the joy of making another happy which overflows to others. It is all gift, grace, given. For others. For the other.)

God please grace me with this gift.

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