The Holy Trinity

Father, most holy, gracious and forgiving, Christ, high exalted, prince of our salvation, Spirit of counsel, nourishing creation, God every-living.

Trinity blessed, Unity unshaken, only true Godhead, sea of bounty endless, light of the angels, succour thou the friendless, shield the forsaken.

All things thou madest – nothing doth but preach thee, serving thee ever in its course ordained, we too would hymn thee, this our prayer unfeigned, hear, we beseech thee.

Boundless thy praise be, whom no limit boundeth, God in three Persons, high in heaven living, Where adoration,homage and thanksgiving, ever resoundeth.

Imagine the most holy persons sitting round the table. Let us sit there and complete the circle and let us be transported, let us dance the dance of Unity in diversity. A very Happy Feast of the Trinity to each one in the universe including those before us and those after us. We are one.

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