World Communication Day

21st May 2023

Communicating the Truth through the film Chosen

It is the task of a Christian to present the Gospel in a creative, energetic and wise way so that others may come to know the riches and treasures of Christ.

These words I picked up in Bible Alive and I immediately thought of The Chosen.

The Chosen was created by Dallas Jenkins who is an evangelical filmmaker who has cast a Catholic actor Jonathan Roumie as Jesus.

It is based on the life of Jesus and it is written by Tyler Thompson, Dallas Jenkins and Ryan Swanson.  It is Directed by Dallas Jenkins.

This production fleshes out the words of the Gospel in a way that shows in particular the relationship between Jesus and The Father.  Also it shows how difficult it was for Jesus to get his message across to the Apostles; how difficult it was for the Apostles to get along; the way Jesus chose the Apostles to help carry out the work He had chosen them for; the really wonderful connections that enlighten the viewer; the historical relationship between the Romans and Jews and Jews and Romans; the relationship between Pharisees and the ordinary people of the Jewish faith; to name but a few of the benefits of watching The Chosen not once but again and again.

As it says in the Bible at the end of St John’s Gospel – ‘There are many other things that Jesus did; if all were written down, the world itself, I suppose, could not hold all the books that would have to be written’. And what about all the relationships and contacts made during the life of Jesus.  The Chosen seeks to address these in Episodes unlike the films we have always watched that put Jesus’ life, death and resurrection into 2 or 3 hours.  Now we can feast our eyes on Episodes in The Chosen and allow them to bring to life our greatest desire to know Jesus better and through Jesus – the Father and Spirit.

Acting as consultants on The Chosen are Messianic rabbi Jason Sobel from Fusion Global Ministries, Catholic priest and national director of Family Theatre Productions Father David Guffey, and professor of New Testament at Biola University Dr. Doug Huffman.

Also Jonathan consults Bishop Robert Barron for authentic acting of Jesus, true God and true man.

The way I watch The Chosen on my lap top is to go to Google and put in Angel Studios, The Chosen and then the Season and the Episode.

There are: Season 1, Episodes 1-8; Season 2, Episodes 1-8 and Season 3, Episodes 1-8.  So far.

You can also get the The Chosen App on your mobile.

Let us pray:

O God, we know that your Spirit blows where it will.  We thank you for this great grace.  We pray for this company of spirit filled people who are endeavouring to get deeper into the life of Jesus Christ on earth to enable people to savour the immense mystery of His time spent here as one of us.  Amen

Sr Carmen Lee

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