Good Friday

Do you wish to know of the power of Christ’s blood? Let us go back to the ancient accounts of what took place in Egypt, where Christ’s blood is foreshadowed.

Moses said: ‘Sacrifice a lamb without blemish and smear the doors with its blood’. What does this mean? Can the blood of a sheep without reason save us who are endowed with reason? Yes, Moses replies, not because it is blood but because it is a figure of the Lord’s blood. So today if the devil sees, not the blood of the figure smeared on the doorposts, but the blood of the reality smeared on the lips of the faithful, which are the doors of the temple of Christ, with all the more reasons will he draw back.

Do you wish to learn from another source the power of this blood? See where it began to flow, from what spring it flowed down from the cross, from the Master’s side. The gospel relates that when Christ had died and was still hanging on the cross, the soldier approached him and pierced his side with the spear, and at once there came out water and blood. The one was the symbol of baptism and the other of the mysteries. That soldier, then, pieced his side: he breached the wall of the holy temple, and I found the treasure and acquired the wealth. Similarly with the lamb. The Jews slaughtered it in sacrifice, and I gathered the fruit of that sacrifice – salvation.

‘There came out from his side water and blood’. Dearly beloved, do not pass the secret of this great mystery by without reflection. For I have another secret mystical interpretation to give. I said that baptism and the mysteries were symbolized in that blood and water. It is from these two that the holy Church has been born ‘by the washing of regeneration and the renewal of the Holy Spirit’, by baptism and by the mysteries. Now the symbols of baptism and the mysteries came from his side. It was from his side, then, that Christ formed the Church, as from the side of Adam he formed Eve.

That is why in his account of the first man Moses has the words, ‘bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh’, giving us a hint here of the Master’s side. For as at that time God took a rib from Adam’s side and formed woman, so Christ gave us blood and water from his side and formed the Church. Just as then he took the rib while Adam was in a deep sleep, so now he gave the blood and water after his death.

Have you seen how Christ has united his bride to himself? Have you seen with what kind of food he feeds us all? By the same food we are formed and are fed. As a woman feeds her child with her own blood and milk, so too Christ himself continually feeds tose whom he has begotten with his own blood.

Taken from A reading from the instructions of St John Chrysostom to catechumens- Office of Readings for Good Friday

Friends I wish to say that I have been watching Angel Studios The Chosen and I am most grateful to those involved in its preparation because I have come much closer to Jesus, with a deeper understanding of the Apostles, their struggles to become true followers of Jesus, relationship of that time with the Jews and the Romans which is very wholesome and I recommend all of you to go into Google, punch in Angel Studios The Chosen Season 1 Episode 1 and then watch Episode 1-8, then Season 2 Episode 1-8 etc. You will not be sorry you did so.

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