Saying “Yes” to Life

Life is always small. It is always vulnerable. It always needs protection and guidance. Saying “yes” to it means being willing to look at the small life that seeks to be born in your heart, in your body, in your mind, among people. Death is always glamorous. Death shines; it is always big and noisy. Because life is very small, you can never see it happening. Have you ever seen a tree actually grow? Can you see a child grow? Growth is too gentle, too tender. Life is basically hidden. It is small and begs for constant care and protection. If you are committed to always saying “yes” to life, you are going to have to become a person who chooses it when it is hidden.

In the depth of my soul, dear God, allow me to find your hidden life there. Allow me to say “yes” to this life.

Excerpt from Henri J.M. Nouwen Christ Our Hope

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