Do Good With Stamps


All stamps are of value to us.  Even the most basic stamp you use to send a regular letter.

We can sell any stamp in support of Missions: whether it’s old or new, stamped or unstamped, from your own country or overseas.

What’s more, stamp albums and old post cards are a real help to our apostolates too.  People like buying them.

This is how you can help:

Collect stamps from relatives, friends and acquaintances, in school, at your place of work, in your parish.

Cut them out, but make sure that you leave a margin of 0.5 to 1 cm on all four sides of the stamp. Please do not peel or steam them off the paper.

Send us your stamps when you have collected enough to fill a large envelope or shoe box.  That way you will save on postage costs.

If you have very large quantities to send, sort them into groups:  for example, continuous series, overprints, special editions, commemorative stamps, machine vended stamps, foreign stamps.

Please do not send damaged stamps or stamps that are yellowing.

How did we help:

In 2021

9,000 went to Romania

9,000 went to Zambia

5,000 went to Ghana

7,000 went to Indonesia

3,000 went to Liberia

3,530 went to various smaller projects

Thanks to all who simply sent us their stamps.

Sister Carmen Lee, 143 Philipsburgh Avenue, Fairview, Dublin D03 HF80

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