Happy St Patrick’s Day 2021

I praise and proclaim God’s name in all places, No only when things go well but also in times of stress.


In my sleep one night I heard a voice saying: ‘…soon you will go to your own country…look, your ship is ready…’ I ran away and left the man with whom I had spent six years…The power of God directed my way and nothing daunted me until I reached the ship.

I spoke to the crew…but the captain retorted: ‘On no account are you to go with us’…I began to pray, and before I had ended I heard loud shouting: ‘Come quickly…’ I went back…and they began to say to me: ‘Come on, we will take you on trust.. and we set sail at once.’

After three days we came to land and for twenty-eight days we made our way through deserted country. Supplies ran out and the party was worse for hunger. The captain said to me: ‘…you say your God is great and all powerful; why then can you not pray for us?’

I said confidently: ‘Turn sincerely with your whole heart to the Lord my God because nothing is impossible for him, that this day he may send you food…until you are satisfied; for he has plenty everywhere.’

With the help of God a herd of pigs suddenly appeared on the road…; they killed many and stopped there for two nights…After this they gave profuse thanks to God and I became honorable in their eyes.

(This excerpt was taken from The Little Book of St Patrick compiled and introduced by Don Mullan. It is based on two documents written by Patrick: Confession and Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus.)

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