Don’t give up now

Three pieces of spiritual writings taken from The Living Spirit in The Tablet 20th February 2021

When He had fasted for forty days and forty nights, and afterwards was hungry, He gave an opportunity to the devil to draw near, so that He might teach us through this encounter how we are to overcome and defeat him. This a wrestler also does. For in order to teach his pupils how to win he himself engages in contests with others, demonstrating on the actual bodies of others that they may learn how to gain the mastery.

This is what took place here. For, desiring to draw the devil into contest, He made His hunger known to him. He met him as he approached, and meeting him, with the skill which He alone possessed, He once, twice, and a third time, threw His enemy to the ground.

St John Chrysostom from The Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers edited by M.F.Toal (Ignatius Press, 2000)

Lent is an opportunity to become Christian “anew”, through a constant process of inner change and progress in the knowledge and love of Christ. Conversion is never once and for all but is a process, an interior journey through the whole of life.

Pope Benedict XVI General Audience, 21 February 2007

But Jesus’ command is inexorable: if you want to walk with me, there are no excuses. No days off. You’re obsessed with riding your stationary bike every day and taking all your vitamins and checking your email and flossing your teeth. Well, this is your real obligation. It won’t kill you. You might get tired or bored or scared or fed up, but this is the condition for your walk with me. It doesn’t happen any other way. Put on your sandals or your sneakers or your hefty boots. Pick up that cross and let’s get going.

Margaret Guenther from Walking Home: From Eden to Emmaus (Morehouse, 2011)

Editors comments: did you get energized like I did through reading these three spiritual writers. Yes! Good. Then let’s get going together.

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