God in Action

This is taken from an article by Gordon Linney called ‘A universal and timeless significance’ from the Irish Time Saturday 6th February 2021

……Christ is not a denominational or cultural Christ, not a Christ domesticated by any church; nor is he defined by what humans say about him or want him to be; he is God in action.

It is difficult to express the Jesus/Christ relationship in simple language, but could it be otherwise?

We are grappling with profound mystery beyond words and beyond human understanding.

Brother Roger of the Taize community acknowledged the difficulty: “Together with the whole people of God, from all over the world, you are invited to live a life exceeding all your hopes. On your own, how could you ever experience the radiance of God’s presence? God is too dazzling to be looked upon. He is a God who blinds our sight. It is Christ who channels this consuming fire and allows God to shine through without dazzling us. Christ is present, close to each one of us, whether we know him or not. He is so bound up with us that he lives within us, even when we are unaware of him. He is there in secret, a fire burning in his heart, a light in the darkness. But Christ is also someone other than yourself. He is alive: he stands beyond, ahead of you. Here is his secret: he loved you first. That is the meaning of your life: to be loved forever, loved to all eternity.

Editor: How wonderful that is – to be loved forever, loved to all eternity.

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