Relationships in Heaven

In heaven the institution of marriage will be succeeded by a new kind of relationship with God and each other which, despite us having a new body, does not involve procreation. We believe in the salvation of the whole person, body and soul, and although there is no marriage in heaven, we believe that we will be reunited with our loved ones. This is a mystery deep in the heart of God but it is our hope that death is not the end.

But what about those who have had a negative experience of earthly marriage, an experience of misunderstanding and suffering? Won’t the thought of this be for them rather than a consolation, a reason for fear? No, for in the passage from time to eternity the good remains and evil falls away. The love that united them, perhaps for only a brief time, remains; defects, misunderstandings, suffering that they inflicted on each other will fall away. Indeed, this very suffering, accepted with faith, will be transformed into glory. Many spouses will experience true love for each other only when they are reunited ‘in God’, and with this love there will be the joy and fullness of the union that they did not know on earth. In God all will be understood, all will be excused, all will be forgiven.

Lord, I believe that you are the resurrection and the life, and that death is not the end, but the beginning of life, life to the full.

This reflection is taken from Bible Alive 23rd November 2019. Luke 20:27-40 –

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